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From $765* inc. GST

NOTE: This accessory is only installable on recent Futura Trailers models - identifiable by the black fenders.

*Price excludes Assemblyand Transport Fees

Introducing our state-of-the-art Recovery Winch, a game-changer for all your loading and unloading needs when driving isn't an option. Designed for efficiency, convenience, and versatility, this winch is your ultimate solution for seamless operations, whether you're on the road or at your destination.

Purchase your Recovery Winch as a single item at full price to accompany your existing Futura Trailer or purchase this accessory with your new trailer.

Key Features

  1. Remote Control Operation: 
  2. Say goodbye to manual labour and strenuous efforts. Our Recovery Winch is equipped with a user-friendly remote control system, allowing you to operate it effortlessly from a distance. You can control the winch from anywhere, ensuring safety and precision during the process.
  3. Front Tool Box Storage
  4. We understand the importance of easy access and storage. The Recovery Winch is conveniently stored in the front toolbox of your trailer. This strategic placement ensures that your winch is readily available whenever and wherever you need it, saving you valuable time and effort.
  5. Versatile Placement
  6. Versatility is key, and our Recovery Winch offers just that. You can easily remove it from the front toolbox and place it anywhere around the perimeter of the trailer chassis. This flexibility allows you to adapt to different loading and unloading scenarios, ensuring maximum efficiency.
  7. Airline Tracking System
  8. Security is paramount when dealing with heavy loads. Our winch comes with an innovative airline tracking system that provides endless secure points for attachment. This system guarantees the safe and stable positioning of the winch, giving you peace of mind during the entire operation.
  9. Effortless Setup
  10. Setting up the Recovery Winch is a breeze. With intuitive controls and secure attachment points, you'll find the process to be incredibly straightforward. No need for complex installations or time-consuming preparations – it's as easy as it gets.

In summary, our Recovery Winch is the perfect addition to your trailer equipment lineup. It's designed to make your loading and unloading tasks efficient, convenient, and secure. With remote control operation, versatile placement options, and a reliable airline tracking system, you can trust our winch to get the job done seamlessly, even in challenging situations. Upgrade your equipment today and experience the ease and reliability of our Recovery Winch.

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