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Lowering Trailers

Uniquely designed to lower to the ground with the touch of a button; completely eliminating the need for ramps or tilting decks.

Ramp Trailers

The Futura Ramp Trailer features a weld-less, anodised aluminium design coupled with high-quality componentry as standard.

Tilt Trailer

Designed to make quick work of loading and unloading compact vehicles and other equipment.

Premium Accessories

Premium Accessories that are designed specifically for our trailers.

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Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about our Futura Trailers.

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Jake JTRS Hauling

I can't tell you how impressed we are with our Super Sport Trailer. 1500 km, 2 states, over 2 days, and one hell of a thunderstorm. It handled the trip without a hiccup. I had to keep looking in the rearview mirror to see if it was still behind us. Even overtaking vehicles and going above 120kph it did not move. Great Trailer!Thanks for all your help and I will definitely be recommending Tow Low to anyone else who asks about the Futura Trailer.

Tim Mann racing

I was in the market for a new car trailer to suit my new racecar build. My prerequisites were that it had to be reasonably light, and able to be loaded by a single person. My internet searches led me to the Futura website where I sent off an inquiry. I was then contacted by Futura and put in touch with the team at Tow Low, with Lloyd and Chelsea as Australian distributors to discuss options and pricing. From the initial emails and phone calls, to accommodating an out-of-hours collection (as I was traveling from interstate), everything was a breeze. Constant flow of information on the shipping and build of the trailer and when it would be ready for collection etc. There were absolutely no issues in any of my dealings with Tow Low and I would highly recommend contacting them to discuss the Futura range of trailers.

Josh Buchan "TCR Series Driver for HMO Customer Racing"

We decided to go with the Futura trailer to transport our TCR Cars as we knew they would be up to the job. My favorite thing for us is the recovery winch system as we need to protect our gearboxes there's no need to start the cars and we can simply drag the car on. Tow Low Co. is always proactive in reaching out to us to ensure that all servicing is up to date and that any spare parts are delivered to us swiftly to ensure no race or track session is missed with our Futura.

Tow Low Co. offers a premium service comprised of excellent customer support, product knowledge and quick access to stock. We are just as passionate about cars as you are.

We purchase trailers directly from the manufacturer which means we can maintain stock levels, resulting in limited waiting period.

We have the local knowledge and passion to bring one of the most innovative products within it's category to market. We exist to help support fellow car enthusiasts which a products that we truly believe is the best of it's kind


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Our Story

At Tow Low Co, our journey began with a deep love for motorsport and an unwavering passion for all things that ignite the adrenaline rush. It was within the thrilling confines of the racetrack that Lloyd, our founder, discovered his true calling. His fervour for motorsport and the fast-paced environment drove him to pursue his dreams and with his business partner, Chelsea, embark on a remarkable entrepreneurial journey.

During one eventful day on the track, Lloyd had the fortune of crossing paths with Jake and Glen, the visionary founders of Futura Trailers. Recognizing the incredible potential of their product, they approached Lloyd with an enticing proposition - to introduce and distribute Futura Trailers in Australia, catering to both his circle of friends and fellow race car enthusiasts. This marked the humble beginnings of our venture, initially conceived as a side business complementing the pairs other entrepreneurial endeavours.

As word began to spread about the exceptional quality and performance of Futura Trailers, our enterprise started to flourish. The resounding feedback and overwhelming demand propelled us forward, evolving us from a modest operation into a thriving trailer dealership. Today, we proudly serve as a leading distributor of Futura Trailers, supplying our exceptional products to customers across the state and the entire country.

At Tow Low Co, our success is not solely measured by the number of trailers we sell, but by the satisfaction and loyalty of our valued customers. We take pride in forging lasting relationships and providing exceptional service at every step of the journey. Whether you are a racing enthusiast, a motorsport professional, or an adventurer seeking the perfect trailer, we are here to accompany you on your exhilarating ride.

Welcome to Tow Low Co | Where passion meets performance.


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